Finding Bonus Offers on a PayPal Casino

When it comes to the modern PayPal casino, there are usually plenty of bonus offers that can be claimed from these types of sites. Both new and old casino players are choosing to make the switch to the PayPal casino due to the excellent features that you can find on these types of site. Arguably, the best feature of the PayPal casino is its increased security and the company will guarantee players safety over some of their funds should a dispute arise. There are offers and bonuses to claim so we thought we would take a look to see what we could find.

PayPal Casino Bonuses Overview

Of course, the term PayPal casino is exactly that – a term! It’s used to describe an online casino that accepts the popular payment provider PayPal as a method of payment. When it comes to bonuses, you can pretty much find all of the normal offers that you would on a normal online casino site. A great welcome offer is usually the first type of bonus that players will encounter and this can take many forms on a PayPal casino. In most cases, players will be able to claim bonus cash, free spins or both!Playing Paypal casino
Bonus cash is offered either for free or as a matched bonus. Free bonus cash is highly sought after as you can imagine and we have found sites offering £15 in bonus funds for new players with absolutely no deposit required. Of course, finding these offers can take time so be sure to use resources such as Google and Bing to help you find these offers. A matched bonus, on the other hand, requires a deposit on a PayPal casino to receive the bonus funds so try and find a site offering at least 200% in funds.

Other Bonus Offers on a PayPal Casino

What we have found is that the range of offers that you can claim generally depends on the size of the online casino site itself. Free spins are commonly offered but can come under many guises including happy hour or mystery Thursdays as a couple of examples. If you’re a player that likes to claim bonus offers often then perhaps the bigger PayPal casino sites will suit you better however, this does not mean that you should discount the smaller-sized casinos as there are still great offers to be had on these sites too.
Getting good value is the most important thing. PayPal casino sites will be quite happy to take your cash so it’s important that you are getting good returns. Of course, not every offer is perfect and players should always read the terms and conditions on a site. We understand that this is pretty boring but you would be surprised at the number of players on a PayPal casino that will claim an offer and not completely understand what they are claiming. This can cause frustration later on so be sure to read the T&Cs to avoid this outcome in the first place.