How to Bet Effectively Whilst Playing Roulette Games

Online casino games have never been more diverse and players have more options than ever before when it comes to spinning that famous roulette wheel. We have been looking at the range of roulette games that are available online and players have some excellent options at their disposal. We always want our readers to get great value for money when they play roulette games online so we have written a small guide that should help you make informed decisions about the types of bets that you should be placing when you play roulette online.

Roulette Games & their Bonuses

Experienced roulette players will be aware of just how many different variants of the game now exist online so there are plenty of options for players both old and new. We always want roulette games to be fun so choosing a betting strategy that will let you play for a while is always a good idea. Try and play different bets to mix it up. Most roulette games let you gamble with both inside and outside bets. For example, betting a colour (red or black) will yield odds of 1:1 usually so if you guess correctly you will double your money.

There are usually around 36 pockets on a roulette wheel and betting on a single colour can net you odds of 35:1 and although there is a slim chance of victory, you could win massively if you get really luck. Other things to consider when playing roulette games would be the specific bets that can be placed. Most of the time roulette games will let you gamble from just a pound which is great as it means that even those players on modest budgets can get in on the action.

Roulette Games: Additional Info

Other things to consider would be the additional features that are offered on roulette games and some games will have extra features to keep things interesting such as quality of life features. For example, some roulette games will let you customise various aspects of the game such as the colour of the table, the layout of the interface, and other items such as a statistics table. The stats table is an excellent way to track your progress when you play roulette games and it can really help you keep an eye on your budget too so we would recommend using it if possible.

New games in 2017

Finally, we have live games. These are a modern an exciting way to play online roulette and the player gets to play using a standard online interface but there is a real dealer and you play on a real roulette table via a video link. These games are highly realistic and replicate the effects of the real casino pretty effectively. We really would recommend trying them out and you will find them on plenty of the bigger online casino sites. Remember to start out with small bets and then you can begin to work your way up.

Roulette games are fun for all sorts of players and the game is great due to the ability to spin the famous roulette wheel. Players can generally gamble from a pound and the key is to adopt an effective betting strategy that you can afford. We hope this article has helped and remember to consider factors that you find important before selecting a casino with specific roulette games online. Good luck playing the game and if you required anymore information then you can message us and we hope you win big playing the game on your favourite online casino.

How to Win Big Playing Roulette Online

Online casino games have never been more diverse and players playing on in an online environment now have more options than ever before. This is due to the ever increasing sophistication of technologies as well as the rise in the mobile gaming market. Roulette is one of our favourite games to play online so we thought we would take a look at how playing roulette online can net you some big cash prizes if done correctly. The classic roulette wheel is always fun to spin so how exactly can you get started playing roulette online?

Playing Roulette Online to Win Jackpots

Playing roulette online effectively requires a basic strategy for most players and the key is to select the online roulette variant that is right for you. Just like with standard roulette, the online variant has plenty of different versions including European, American and French so to play roulette online effectively, choosing the instalment that you most enjoy is a good place to start. This is all well and good for players that are already aware of the basic differences between roulette games but what exactly are the differences between the two most common versions?
Firstly, we’ll discuss European roulette. The European version is arguably the most well-known game in the whole of the casino universe. The game was invented in France in the 17th century and has slowly evolved to become the benchmark for roulette games everywhere. When you play European roulette online, the important thing to remember is that pockets are numbered from 1-36 and there is only one zero which is usually green in colour. The rest of the pockets are split into red and black numbers and the aim of the European game is to predict which pocket the ball will land in.

Roulette Online: Other Variants

The American version is perhaps the second most popular version of the game and players can benefit from an additional double zero in the American version of the game. With an extra pocket, it could be argued that it is easier to win playing roulette online when you play the European variant. Nonetheless, a great many players still continue to play the American version and it is popular not only in the USA but all over the world so how exactly can you give yourself the best possible chance of winning regardless of what version you pay?
The key is to have a balanced betting strategy and assess the risks of each bet. For example, you can play roulette online and simply bet red or black numbers. This will usually guarantee at least a few wins and then you can perhaps try some of the riskier bets. When you play roulette online you can even try and bet on a single number which will yield odds of around 36/1 in a lot of cases. Of course, there is much more risk involved but you can win big utilising these types of bets.

Overall, there are plenty of roulette games online to play and playing roulette online can be as simple or complex as you wish it to be. The key to playing roulette online effectively is to choose your preferred version of the game and then adopt a betting strategy that fits in with your budget. Then you can begin to spin the famous wheel and begin winning big. The game is a tonne of fun for millions around the world so be sure to check it out and remember to stick to your budget. Good luck and we hope you win big.